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Rethink Your Cleaning Routine

cleaning tipsDon’t you just hate to spend your weekend cleaning? Weekends should be time spent with your family having fun. But we want our houses clean. What to do?

With a few tweaks you can have a clean house and your weekends practically free from house work.

All it takes is a little organizing, and routine cleaning every day.

Instead of spending your weekend cleaning, tackle a little bit every day and see if it doesn’t work better.

We all want to see our houses clean and shining, but how many of us have hours to spend every day keeping it that way, and how many of us want to? We can keep our houses in pretty good order in less time and with much less stress.

A few routine, daily tasks can keep the chores from backing up.

Instead of throwing your old cotton tee shirts in the Goodwill bag, cut them up to make cleaning rags. You will find none better. Keep several handy where accidents most likely will happen.

Place some in a pretty basket on top of the refrigerator. Every time you have a spill in the frige or microwave, grab a rag and wipe it up.

To clean crusty gunk from your microwave, fill a small round bowl with water and a little vinegar and turn on your microwave for five minutes, now grab a rag and wipe the gunk up. Simple and easy homemade cleaning supply. Want more? Click here.

Put cleaning rags under your bathroom sink, after a shower while the bathroom is steamy, grab a rag and wipe mirrors and bathtub surround. Pour a little shampoo on your rag and wipe down the sink and bath tub. It will take you only a few minutes and you have a clean bathroom.

Have mold or mildew? Then use a little hydrogen peroxide with water.

Now, to tackle the clutter. Place a covered basket on or under the table near the door. Place all your incoming mail in it. When you have a minute put the junk in the trash, bills and other mail that deserves your attention go in a file near the computer.

Place a coat tree near the entrance to catch coats and back packs, or if you can, mount hooks on the wall. Keep a nice covered basket on the entrance table as a catch all.

Dust naturally falls down, so dust from top to bottom and vacuum last. Start in one corner and dust your way out of the room. Check the top corners and light fixtures for cobwebs. Vacuum the floor and you’re outta there.

Look at your counter tops carefully. If you see appliances that you don’t use, Place them on top of cabinets or in an out of the way closet. Only keep appliances that you use daily on the counter. Ones that you use less often should be in cabinets or on shelves out of the way.

Treat your bathroom clutter as the kitchen counters. Keep items that you use daily out and all others hidden away under the sink or in baskets. It’s a good time to throw away everything that has out lived it’s usefulness in the bathroom and the rest of the house.

Try to do one cleaning job every day. You might dust one day, vacuum the next, mop the next day, a real bathroom cleanup the next, then the kitchen. Do a quick skim over every evening and you should have your weekends almost free of housework.